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Modernize Your Aircraft with GAL Airplane Countertops

Redesign airline galley and lavatory countertops for an updated look

GAL’s flagship product line features an extensive array of airplane countertops and cabinetry options. With the contemporary AeroStone material, we provide unparalleled variety with standard and custom colors and styles to meet your requirements.

See Examples and Concepts for Aircraft Lavatory and Galley Countertops

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Yokohama Lavatory Modification for 737NG

This versatile concept allows reuse of OEM components or more extensive refurbishment depending on the level of updating desired. The result is a more modern look with significant upgrades to the original lavatory.
• Modeled from the 777 lavatory, this concept is redesigned to fit the narrow body aircraft.
• Countertops are shown with the OEM faucet installed (new faucets can be used)
• Countertops utilize the OEM attachment points for easy installation
• Option 1 requires a small modification to the lower lavatory door to create a flat front
737 airplane lavatory concept
777 countertops

777 Galley Countertops

This client project features our AeroStone countertops for the new self-service bar our team designed. The materials selected pass the special burn and heat release requirements through stringent testing.
• Produced with our own molds for complete customization of size, shape, and configuration
• In-house mixing for any color, style, and finish

New Hydrographics Option for Aircraft Interior Refurbishing

With the latest liquid print process, we can imitate any material from woodgrain to marble, even on curved surfaces. Refurbishing aircraft countertops with hydrographics is a durable and highly cost-effective option for refurbishment projects. Surfaces look new again and take on a completely fresh look.

Reimagine your aircraft with AeroStone samples. Select your options from the gallery below.