Commercial Aircraft Interior Solutions

Airplane Overhead Bin Modification

Integrated Aircraft Interior Solutions for Commercial Airlines

GAL dramatically reduces lead times for commercial aviation cabin interior programs.

At GAL Aerospace, we are revolutionizing the speed of delivery for commercial aviation programs. We bring the full capacity of two manufacturing facilities and a team of expert engineers to bear on solving aircraft cabin interior challenges faster and cheaper while maintaining outstanding quality.

We never take our customers for granted and provide full installation support and aftermarket service for our in-service clients. With our tightly knit team, you get unmatched responsiveness and fast answers.

Commercial Aircraft OEM Compatible Components and Systems

Boeing | AirBus | Embraer | Bombardier | and More

With program timelines, there’s constant pressure to deliver ASAP interspersed with unexpected delays. Our goal is to remove the uncertainty from the supplier side and go above and beyond to deliver on our promises. For commercial aviation projects, we have a well-earned reputation for reliability and the ability to deliver in half the time compared to other vendors.

GoJet/United Airlines Project: Making the Impossible Possible

GoJet needed us to rapidly ramp up capacity when UA suddenly doubled their contract size on a cabin interior program. Instead of doubling the lead time on our side, we added less than 6 weeks to our delivery time.

Program Highlights

Overhead Bins | Countertops | Galleys & Bars | Lavatory Showers, Toilets & Sinks | Overhead Bins | Electrical, Water, Lighting & Oxygen Systems | Class Dividers & Bulkheads | Storage Closets & Cabinets | Window Shades & Ledges| Headliners & Sidewalls | Peripheral Panels | Flooring | PSUs | First Class Cabin Solutions

We offer complete solutions because full vertical integration provides a complete understanding of how everything works together. With control over the entire process, GAL gains efficiencies that fragmented suppliers can’t achieve.
Aircraft product testing

In-House Testing for Commercial Aviation Standards

We perform stringent in-house testing of individual components, 3D stress models, and physical load testing. Each component is tested as it is designed and produced, then tested for certification. We perform testing in the correct order to get through the certification process faster. This means we never have to wait for third-party labs, and we maintain full accountability for QC. Our extensive library of allowable testing data and supplemental type certificates (STCs) reduces certification time, and we have a credible track record for IASA, FAA, and Transport Canada.

What You Can Expect with GAL for Commercial Aerospace Interior Programs

We have the proven ability to create user-friendly aircraft environments that makes the most of the available space with modern, high-quality materials that augment passenger experience.

Contact us to explore ways to maximize efficiency and speed in your commercial programs.