Airline Sanitizing Solutions


Adaptation has been essential to accommodate the restrictions and regulations resulting from the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020. That’s one reason airline sanitizing solutions are now part of the GAL product lineup. We aren’t alone in pivoting to address these new concerns. 

The Aviation Industry Knows How to Shift Course

Our industry is already accustomed to the drastic and sudden operational changes arising after 9/11 altered travel as we know it. Today, a new emerging threat has transformed airlines to meet continuously changing regulations revolving around health and safety. Airline sanitation requirements have been a huge focal point, as the enclosed nature of an aircraft poses special challenges for keeping air and surfaces free of pathogens. 

Examples of How Airlines Are Stepping Up for Cleaner Travel 

United Airlines

United Airlines ’award-winning CleanPlus program has the company partnering with Clorox and Cleveland Clinic to deliver an industry-leading standard of cleanliness. The airline undertook initiatives to make the health and safety of its customers a priority in a number of ways including:

  • Maximizing its ventilation/HEPA systems.

Using electrostatic sprayers to disinfect aircraft interiors and airport terminals.

Working with the CDC on the first contact tracing program for all flights. 

Air Canada

Air Canada, a 2021 receiver of the Diamond certification by APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying, has reached “hospital level grades of biosecurity.” Its CleanCare+ protocol is comprehensive. It starts at booking with free insurance and continues with a pre-board electrostatic disinfectant spray of the aircraft interior, touch-free bag-check experience, and a complimentary customer care kit (hand sanitizer included). In addition, passengers have the option to rebook their flights if the aircraft is reaching capacity.

GAL Aerospace’s Response to Emerging Airline Sanitization Needs

The chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen us drawing on all our resources for rapid design, manufacture, testing, certification, and deployment of innovative aerospace solutions. Our in-house team of aviation engineers have been able to make quick changes such as developing flame-tested, airline safe hand sanitizer dispensers and UV sanitizing equipment for aircraft lavatories . 

We’ve been fortunate as a nimble organization to be able to shift business operations to meet our customers’ most urgent needs fast. This includes going wherever our clients need us to modify their aircraft to improve health and safety, passenger experience, and operational efficiency. GAL Aerospace, our clients, and our strategic partners will continue to react quickly as the global aviation industry continues to meet new challenges.

Do you need to meet emerging aviation requirements? Contact our aerospace engineering team to collaborate on innovation and solutions.