Aircraft Cabin Modification & Refurbishment

Aircraft cabin modification project

Upgrading Fleets with Aircraft Cabin Modification and Refurbishment Programs

GAL helps you reimagine aircraft interiors for a better passenger experience.

Aircraft MUST change with the times to meet emerging needs for passenger experience, regulatory compliance, and efficiency. In-service clients turn to GAL for aircraft cabin modification and refurbishment to create updated solutions that are easy, intuitive, comfortable, useful, and reliable.

Our engineers are experts at finding creative ways to reduce cost and lead time during aircraft interior refurbishment. We can reuse or modify existing components or design new ones to meet fresh objectives. The GAL team can also rapidly reverse engineer, test, certify, manufacture, and deliver solutions for aftermarket clients. Our clients find this especially helpful when OEMs are unresponsive to requests for parts or data, or when OEM components are prohibitively expensive.

By refurbishing with GAL products, clients get components that are rigorously tested to take a beating and keep on performing for years to come.

Making Aviation Interiors Better Than Ever

Bin Modification for the CRJ500, CRJ700, and CRJ900

Our sturdy and spacious overhead bins are a prime example of an affordable GAL modification that delivers outstanding value. With this bin mod, passengers can carry on more luggage and check fewer bags. Passengers are happier, airline operators spend less money and effort on handling baggage, and flights cut embark/disembark times. This solution is available at the fraction of Bombardier’s cost, and with the classic GAL aesthetic.
Aircraft cabin modification with overhead bins
Aircraft cabin reconfiguration

Cabin Reconfiguration (LOPA) for CRJ700

We were asked to remove 20 seats to create a more spacious cabin interior. We got the STC to eliminate one flight attendant and designed/built a self-service bar. Here, travelers can find snacks, water, beverages, a chiller, fridge, and ice drawer. Passengers are loving this concept.

We Thrive on Change. Bring Us Your Biggest Challenges.

Flexibility and adaptability are not luxuries in the airline industry today, they are necessities. The stakes are higher than ever for making the right decisions and executing at record speed. Our people and processes pivot and meet your emerging needs.

Consult us to explore options for aircraft cabin refurbishment and modification.