Aerospace Design Engineering

Design engineering for aircraft overhead bins

Designing Solutions for Aircraft Cabin Interior Engineering Challenges

Aerospace design engineering is a high stakes game. Make your project a success story with GAL.

At GAL, we pride ourselves on doing applied engineering better than the rest. Our specialty is finding the way to capture a concept and make it better, faster, cheaper. Tell us what you want to achieve with aircraft cabin interior engineering, and we’ll find the best way to do it.

Our in-house engineers can augment your team with full mechanical, electrical, structural and systems design including shell periphery—all designed in 3D.

We Help Our Clients:

Engineering Successful Outcomes for Aircraft Cabin Interiors

Shaving costs without sacrificing quality: On the Q400 components, ours were priced at 40% less installed vs. OEM pricing (which did not include labor).

Making the most of tight quarters: This spacious overhead bin redesign on the CRJ 990 lets travelers bring more luggage on board, preserving cargo space and elevating passenger experience.

Adding a touch of class: Our GAL-designed self-service bar lets first class passengers have a more relaxed experience.

Flexible solutions for current challenges: Flame tested hand sanitizer dispensers and UV light to sanitize the bathroom area are recent additions in response to COVID.

Aerospace engineering cabin interior
Design engineering for aerospace

Why Choose GAL to Augment Your Cabin Interior Engineering Expertise?

GAL engineers can help you reduce cost and lead time by reusing or modifying existing components, rapidly designing new ones, or even reverse engineering what you need. We share freely from our experience, insights, and provide the visuals, specs, data, and concepts to collaborate in developing high-performance solutions.

Aerospace components and systems must be durable, functional, and tough. But they can also be useful, intuitive, comfortable, and enjoyable. Our background on both the commercial and VIP sides of aerospace means we know which details elevate the passenger experience.

We get you answers the same day or next day to speed up decision making for your engineering team. We highlight ways to save costs and do things in a more efficient way and speed up the certification approvals process with our extensive library of allowables.

Tell us about your engineering challenges and ideas.