Our Specialties

Delivering Above Expectations. Every Day.

At GAL, we touch aircraft cabin interiors at every stage from conception through delivery. This start-to-finish expertise provides opportunities for delivering better value to clients all along the way.

Design Engineering

Our in-house aviation engineering team works with you to find creative ways to reduce costs & lead times. We can reuse or modify existing components, quickly design new, or even reverse engineer what’s needed. Our engineers provide full mechanical, electrical, structural, and systems design.

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Our two aerospace manufacturing facilities feature redundant and complementary capabilities to scale rapidly and ensure on-time delivery. With complete quality control, our products meet or exceed specifications and standards.

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Testing & Certification

GAL aerospace components withstand rigorous on-site testing to ensure performance and durability, reducing the need for replacements and keeping audit scores high. Our extensive library of allowables accelerates the certification process.

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We have boots on the ground in 20+ countries and can send technical teams anywhere in the world on short notice. Get hands-on turnkey aircraft cabin interior installation or an easy-to-use kit with instructions and technical support for your team.

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We never take your business for granted. We freely share our experience and insights to help you save costs, gain efficiency, and increase functionality. You get answers same day or next day to speed up decision-making, and our after-market support is unparalleled.

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We understand that it is critical to have aircraft delivered on time with no exceptions. We leverage our unique network to fill technical positions and other specialized roles at lightning speed so you can keep your promises to customers.

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We specialize in reimagining your existing aircraft to improve the performance, value, and passenger experience. Cost savings can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to OEM pricing—with quality that never lets you down.

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