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Think Outside the Lines for Inside Your Aircraft

At GAL Aerospace, we provide vertically integrated solutions for commercial & business aircraft.

Who We Serve

Manufacturers | Airline Operators | MROs | Aircraft Leasing | Completion Centers

We know that flexibility and adaptability are not luxuries in the airline industry, they are necessities. The stakes are higher than ever for making the right decisions and executing at record speed. Our people and processes pivot and meet the emerging needs of our clients.


The world’s largest airlines and OEMs trust GAL to deliver above and beyond for their programs. We provide end-to-end, turnkey solutions for cabin interiors and dramatically accelerate delivery for new and refurbished aircraft.


Our unique background in aviation cabinetry ensures master craftsman level quality for VIP aircraft cabin interiors. We pair the most advanced materials with thoughtful touches that deliver a luxurious experience.

How We Help

Procurement Specialists

GAL Aerospace prioritizes your deadlines with the shortest lead times in the industry and reliable, on-time delivery of top-quality components and services. Have your expectations met or surpassed by a trusted long-term supplier who continuously earns your business.
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Our expert engineering, manufacturing, and testing team helps you move projects and programs forward faster, finding innovative ways to design high-performance solutions within your budget. Experience reliable delivery 2x faster than the industry norm.
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We collaborate with designers to find practical ways to execute on their vision of creating exceptional aircraft cabin interiors that make an impression and create an outstanding passenger experience. Bring cutting-edge technology and materials to market faster.
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Operations Leaders

We leverage our talent network of 15k+ available, capable, and reliable technical professionals to help you stay on schedule even with tight deadlines. Enjoy immediate responsiveness and a streamlined process with no red tape.
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