Aircraft Cabin Interior Manufacturing

aircraft cabin interior manufacturing

High-Performance Aircraft Cabin Interior Manufacturing at Record Speed

GAL Aerospace brings unmatched levels of agility and flexibility to aerospace manufacturing.

At GAL, we own our aircraft cabin interior manufacturing process from design through aftermarket support. This full vertical integration provides a complete understanding of how everything works together. Our clients benefit from gains in efficiency with quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness for their aircraft cabin interiors.

In other words: Better | Faster | Cheaper | Pick Three.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, innovation, and agility. You’ll often see our leadership team on the factory floor making sure EVERYTHING meets our rigorous QA standards. Testing is done in-house at our manufacturing plants to streamline the process and make sure we can test above and beyond what a third-party lab might provide. We welcome facility tours to demonstrate our capabilities.

Reliability Is Non-Negotiable for Us

If things change even during a project and clients increase the scope, we do whatever it takes to make it happen. With two locations in Atlanta and Montreal and a strong talent network, we ensure redundancy and scalability to meet client needs.
• On-time delivery is a top priority.   GoJet was working on a UA project that suddenly doubled in size. Instead of doubling the lead time, GAL stepped up to the plate to deliver with just an extra six weeks.
We are well-known for rapid start on projects and RFPs. Are you ready to get started ASAP?

What We Create at Our Aircraft Cabin Interior Manufacturing Facilities

GAL countertops get a lot of attention in the aviation industry. We also manufacture much more:
Our comprehensive product catalogue allows our customers to source more of their cabin interior components from one integrated solutions supplier.

Contact our team to make what you need better, faster, and cheaper. Yes, you can have all three.