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Consolidate product sourcing with GAL for rapid completions on projects & programs.

At GAL Aerospace, we maintain precise control of quality start-to-finish because safety is non-negotiable. With manufacturing facilities in Atlanta and Montreal, we can scale and adjust to meet aggressive timelines for our clients.

Bring GAL into Your Supply Chain for Airplane Cabin Interior Solutions

The more suppliers you manage, the harder it can be to hit your targets. Consolidation and integration can help with meeting benchmarks and make the whole system easier to manage. GAL provides a broad range of integrated aircraft cabin interior solutions so you can consolidate sourcing and achieve faster overall completions.

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GAL’s Superb Product Quality Stands Up to Any Scrutiny

• We have a proven ability to create user-friendly aircraft environments that makes the most of the available space with modern, high-quality materials that augment passenger experience.
• We perform in-house testing of individual components, 3D stress models, and physical load testing. Each component is tested as it is designed and produced, then tested for certification.
• Our extensive library of allowable testing data and supplemental type certificates (STCs) reduces certification time. We have a credible track record and a good reputation with Transport Canada, IASA, and FAA.

Explore Exciting New Materials and Technologies

Durable | Functional | Tough | Useful | Intuitive | Comfortable | Enjoyable
At GAL, we work with designers to bring cutting edge technology and materials to market faster. Let’s collaborate to take novel concepts and optimize them for design, engineering, cost, quality, and speed of delivery to turn ideas into reality. We provide timely, detailed, accurate specifications and submittals to support decisions and move forward the design creation and approval process. We also help our clients meet emerging design requirements for sustainability and sanitization in your airplane interiors.
Airplane interior products include overhead bins

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