Airplane Lavatory Design

High Quality Airplane Lavatory Enclosures, Toilets, and Sinks

GAL brings a touch of elegance to even the most utilitarian spaces in an aircraft.

An airplane lavatory provides a perfect opportunity to make the most out of available space. At GAL, we meet this challenge by engineering a clean, appealing space with robust and luxurious fixtures at a competitive price.

What We Offer for Aircraft Bathroom Interiors

GAL’s signature countertop and interior surfaces in wide a variety of finishes and colors to suit any taste or match any commercial brand. Our materials are flame and heat resistant above and beyond requirements.

Our Airplane Lavatories Are Available for Many Popular Models

Boeing 737 | 757 | 767 | Airbus A320 | A321 | A340 | And More
See how upgrading an old airplane sink with a new farm style model adds a classy, modern touch.

COVID-Friendly Aircraft Bathroom Features

As the airline industry pivoted to deal with enhanced cleaning and sanitization requirements, GAL stepped up to help. Our engineering, manufacturing, and testing teams worked to accelerate new solutions through the certification process to serve our clients.

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