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GAL’s roomy overhead bins improve profitability and passenger experience.

Undersized aircraft overhead bins pose a major challenge for airlines today. Passengers WANT to carry their bags on the plane, but many overhead bins can’t accommodate a standard carryon bag. Travelers are forced to check baggage at the gate, leading to many challenges for airlines.

What a Difference Bigger Overhead Bins Make

GAL’s Bin Modifications Work for Bombardier Q400 | Boeing CRJ500/700/900 | And More
This modification utilizes the existing CRJ900. The existing lower metal bullnose is removed, and a new lower extension panel is installed. The door, hinges, hinge closeouts, striker, and latch are all replaced with new components. New BFE Tedlar is applied to the exterior of the panels, and the interior is painted.

Improved Reliability for Components That Take a Lot of Abuse

• Our new latch design solves current NextGen latch reliability problems.
• The new latch and striker design have built-in adjustability for reliable operation.
• Our latch tested to over 100,000 cycles.
• The hinges are machined aluminum.
• A rub strip is added to the outboard wall to prevent damage from carry-on bag wheels.
Modified overhead bins for more space
Fit more luggage in overhead bins

New FAA Weight Assumptions Pose Fresh Challenges

The newest FAA regulations calculating standard passenger weight + carryon at 195lbs instead of 170lbs. Every time a passenger is forced to check a bag because it won’t fit in the overhead bin, this adds weight to the cargo hold. The final weight for a flight may be calculated as much as 1400lbs higher when passengers can’t carry on their bags. This allows less room for fuel and may even lead to lower capacity as airlines are forced to leave seats empty.

What can be done to improve carryon capabilities? By installing modified bins that provide more storage space, airlines can keep 34-40 more bags in the aircraft cabin. This can save as much as 900lbs for the CRJ700 or 1400lbs for the CRJ900.

Improve passenger experience and bin functionality:

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