Aircraft Galley Design

Aircraft Galley Design for Self Service Bar

Aircraft Galley Design to Optimize Your Interior Space

GAL specializes in creating airplane galleys that passengers and staff will love.

Engineering an aircraft galley is an art and a science—and requires a lot of attention to detail. We collaborate closely with clients and flight crews to come up with designs that maximize utility, functionality, convenience, and passenger experience.

Self-Service Airplane Galleys for First Class Appeal

This CRJ 550 project is a great example of how GAL can fit an exceptional amount of useful equipment into a small space. This galley complex included everything travelers could need:
• Space for snacks and condiments • Bottled and canned beverages • Chiller and refrigerator • Ice drawer • Trash receptacle • Storage cabinets and compartments for luggage and supplies
Installing a self-serve bar eliminated the need for a second flight attendant and was very well-received by passengers.

CRJ 777 Custom Galley Complexes

Our GAL team did the full engineering, design, certification, and fabrication for the 777 to give it an updated look.
• As always, our countertops meet all smoke and heat release requirements to be in the cabin.
• These assemblies also pass all impact testing to meet safety certification standards.
• The flame tested hand sanitizer is a new feature to address emerging hygiene requirements.

To start out, we created foam mockups so flight crews could test them and provide feedback on the design. We proved the concept in factory with a dry installation to ensure everything was flush with no gaps. The installation kits for our galley assemblies are easy to deploy, and our technical support team is available to help if needed.

This VIP treatment was specially crafted to represent the designer’s aircraft galley design vision with natural a natural granite appearance using our AeroStone™ product. Our clients can choose from over 300 colors, designs, patterns—or reach out with custom requests. We make our countertops and finishing products in-house to meet your specifications.

CRJ 777 Custom Galley Complexes

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