Aerospace Testing & Certification

Aerospace Testing Team

Rigorous Aircraft Cabin Interior Certification and Testing

Our in-house testing and streamlined certification processes speed up your aviation programs

At GAL, thoroughly test our components and systems in-house to ensure aircraft cabin interior certification goes smoothly. Testing includes the materials we use, the products we manufacture, and the systems we create. Because we handle testing and QA ourselves, we don’t have to wait in line for third party labs to communicate, ship parts back and forth, or send results.

We have a very strong reputation with Transport Canada, so we start there for cabin interior certification and follow up validating with FAA and IASA to streamline the entire process. Our STCs, practical tests, solid library of allowable data, and our intellectual property lets us get new systems and modifications through the certification approval process faster and into production for our clients.

Going Above and Beyond for Aerospace Component Testing

We have a reputation for testing, retesting, and even “over-testing” our components because we know they take a beating. If you’ve seen passengers slamming the door on an overhead bin after shoving a bag inside, you know what we’re talking about. Our components perform well, reducing the need for replacements and keeping audit scores high. We test individual components, do 3D stress modeling and perform physical load testing.

Cycle Testing and Load Testing

• Our Q400 latch is tested to 100,000 cycles. After two years in service, there hasn’t been one call for warranty or replacement parts.

• Stress analysis on our cabinets show they can hold 250 lbs. of internal weight with only 4 attachments. With a forward load of 9 Gs, that’s the equivalent to holding the weight of a midsize sedan.
Aircraft product testing
Develop and test aerospace parts

Getting Practical with Making Aircraft Cabin Interiors Work for Our Clients

Just because something makes sense from an engineering perspective doesn’t mean it will pass cabin interior certification. Our engineering team can help explore your designs to find areas that could create obstacles when it’s time to get certified.
We take every opportunity to be flexible to deal with real-world situations. For example, we put foam core mockups into an aircraft to gain feedback directly from the flight crew and attendants on where components should go. For clients faced with new COVID requirements, this meant getting hand sanitizers flame tested and in-service at record speed.
If you need it designed, manufactured, tested, certified, and in-service faster, choose GAL.

Contact our team to find STCs and allowables that can accelerate your project.